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Colleagues at Work


As a professor and consultant, Velimir Srića had the opportunity and honor to educate some of the most successful managers and entrepreneurs in Croatia, the region, the USA and China. For some, he was also a personal trainer or coach.


The purpose of coaching is to, through conversation and discussion, unlock the potential of people to maximize their own effectiveness. Coaches help clients learn instead of teaching them.

You can try this experience, either in the form of personal coaching ONLINE, or by accessing short video lessons on various topics about management and leadership of people.

Some of the topics of individual coaching:

personal leadership style

creating and leading winning teams

motivating yourself and co-workers

conflict management

development of strategic thinking

personal efficiency

personal management of priorities

encouraging one’s own creativity

developing your own entrepreneurial spirit

work-life balance

stress relief

Individual coaching is held ONLINE in content and scope as agreed. Sometimes a few hours of coaching is enough, and sometimes the collaboration lasts much longer.

Contact us for more information and an offer.

coaching sa Velimirom Srićom
foto by: Dražen Lapić Lider Media
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