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Prof. Dr. Velimir Srića was born in Zagreb. He graduated from the Classical Gymnasium, the Faculty of Economics and earned a master's degree from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. As a Fulbright Scholar, he earned an MBA from one of the world's best management schools - Columbia University, New York and a PhD in managerial informatics.


He is a professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb (professor emeritus). During his scientific career, he was a visiting professor at many world universities: UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles), Renmin in Beijing, IEDC in Bled and universities in Shanghai, Cincinnati, Budapest, Graz, Maribor, Sarajevo, Podgorica, Rijeka, Osijek and Split.


Since 2014, he is a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, and in 2015 he became a special advisor to the Rector of the University of Zagreb for strategic projects.

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Velimir Srića EFZG
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He was the director of the Institute for Informatics, Minister of Science, Technology and Informatics and a member of the Croatian Government. He was one of the founders of the Croatian-American Society and the Croatian European Movement.


He is an honorary member of the Croatian Helsinki Committee and the Croatian branch of the Club of Rome. He was awarded the Gerald Ford grant and Eisenhower Fellowship as well as the Golden Pen Prize by the Croatian Journalists Society, and Strossmayer Award for Science.

He is a consultant to a number of Croatian and international companies in the field of management, leadership and information technology. He is one of the pioneers in promoting digital transformation and creativity in Croatia and served as a World Bank expert on Change Management.

He hosted some of the world's biggest names in the field of business who were guests in Croatia like Jack Welch, Tom Peters, Paul Greenberg, and Ridderstrale and Nordstrom, the authors of Funky Business.

Velimir Srića events
Velimir Srića knjige

He has written and published over hundred scientific and professional books in Croatia and the USA, some of which have become bestsellers.


He deals with a wide range of issues, from management and leadership, to creativity and personal development, from managerial informatics and business systems to political essays.


In addition to scientific and professional topics, he also tried his hand at writing novels, poetry and children's picture books.



He was also involved in politics, trying to enrich it by his knowledge and ideas, driven by the need to be socially responsible.


He was a volunteer and non-partisan President of the Zagreb City Assembly and a city representative. He chaired the Working Group for Scientific and Technical Cooperation of the Alps-Adriatic Region and the Working Group for the Digitalization Strategy of Croatia.

Unwilling to play political games and unready to act without compromises, he resigned twice. He described his experience of political idealism in a book of essays "That disgusting Politics".

Velimir SRića politika
Velimir Srića osobno

He loves to travel, plays guitar and piano, composes music (as a teenager he played in a rock band). His role models are Leonard Cohen, Sting, Mark Knofler, The Beatles and Arsen Dedić. He regularly follows sports, enjoys walking, cycling and online chess, and his greatest joy in life is his family: wife Ana, daughter Lana and sons Luka, Dario and Davor.  

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Executive education director

Srića's books on harmonious leadership are great works with scientific integrity, but also handbooks for practitioners. Rather than take a rigid scientific approach, the author builds up a credible set of reflections of personal experiences, case histories and superbly articulated ideas on leadership. 




Consultant and former President

With his books and consulting activities, Professor Srića provides a new model of leadership for leaders in government, politics, as well as for-profit and non-profit organizations. The essence of its greatness lies in a series of natural and inspiring messages that encourage behavior that radiates positivity and creates harmony.




Father of modern marketing

There are many “fix society” books. EmPower Us! is one of the best I have read. Kaufman & Srića went much deeper with their analysis of why societies break down.





Professor Srića's seminars and books contain all the managerial common sense that exists. Dr. Srića systematically guides us through various stages of becoming a better leader, person, father, mother, friend, brother or partner through stories stemming from history, literature and his rich experience. It feels as if Porter, Kets de Vries, Peters and Gladwell have joined forces

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