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Prof. Dr. Velimir Srića is a university professor emeritus at the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb. He teaches at numerous other universities and colleges in Croatia and around the world. He is a consultant in a number of Croatian and international companies in the field of management, leadership and information technology, and a World Bank expert for Change Management. He is a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. He has written about a hundred scientific and professional books for which he has received numerous awards.

Ana Srića Parun

Ana Parun Srića mag. spec. oec. is the executive director and partner in the company Delfin - management development, which she founded with Velimir in 1998. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb and the Experta Business School for Public Relations Manager.

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foto by: Sandra Šimunović, CROPIX, Večernji list
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LEADERSHIP Masterclass

Masterclass lectures are held by top experts in their field. These are inspiring and charismatic lecturers who offer a combination of professional and practical knowledge. Participants can be anyone with a genuine interest in the topic, regardless of experience level. Modern technologies allow you today to have the opportunity to learn from the best, regardless of where you are. 


From now on you can participate in the top Leadership Masterclass lectures by prof. Dr. Velimir Sriće, one of the leading experts in leadership, creativity and new technologies not only in Croatia and the region, but also in the world. If you want to deepen your knowledge, acquire new skills, refresh your perspective or simply be inspired about a topic, join uONLINELectures are held in Croatian and English language.

Leadership Masterclass
Mini MBA6
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foto by: Sandra Šimunović, CROPIX, Večernji list

Life interview: Velimir Srića 

Večernji list, 11.6.2023. author:  R Rašović (in croatian language)

In the past, you trusted the church, politicians, experts... and today, mostly nobody

HRT1: U svom filmu

HRT1 , 7.6.2023. (in croatian language)

Guest appearance on the talk show of journalist Tončica Čeljuska

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Leadership & Skills


Leadership & Skills Academy creates leaders starting from the most modern achievements of management science and is based on research, case analysis and consulting experience of prof. Dr. Velimira Srića in the region and the world.

The Leadership & Skill Academy is realized as an INHOUSE PROGRAM, according to the wishes and needs of the company.

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Mini MBA 

The most important resource of any leader is time! So appreciating your time, from now on you can watch Afterwork lectures online  Mini MBA program - 9 two-hour lectures,  when and where suits you.

After listening to the lectures, you get a Mini MBA DIPLOMA .


Neat Computer Desk


Velimir Srića's new book has just been published! "PERSONAL LEXICON" is a lyrical autobiography in which the author through 29 stories writes honestly and openly about his childhood  and growing up on the asphalt of Trešnjevka, about personal ups and downs, love and political experiences and journeys through landscapes and life itself.

The author says about his book:

"Someone said that memories are like a fire that warms inside, but if it is painful and strong, it can burn us. This book is an attempt to warm myself and everyone who has ever cared about me with that dangerous fire, but not to grieve for what has passed, but to rejoice because it all happened and was written down."

The book was published by Profil and can be purchased in all bookstores and on the publisher's website  Personal lexicon - Book profile


On Tuesday, May 23, 2023, Velimir SrIća's latest book 'Osobni lexikon' was presented in the crowded Hoću knjigu Megastore in Zagreb.

In an emotional and touching atmosphere, which this lyrical autobiography deserves, about the author and the book spoke Diana Pečkaj, writer, journalist and television screenwriter, prof. Dr. Božo Skoko, professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Zagreb and expert in public relations, and Dr. Nikša Sviličić, university professor, film director, writer, musician. 

What happened at the promotion, you can find out  HERE.

foto by: Saša Jungić

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