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Yesterday I was smart, I wanted to change the world, today I am wise, I am changing myself!

                                          - from the book "Life as a game"

Prof. Dr. Velimir Srića is a university professor emeritus at the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb. He teaches at numerous other universities and colleges in Croatia and around the world. He is a consultant in a number of Croatian and international companies in the field of management, leadership and information technology, and a World Bank expert for Change Management. He is a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. He has written about a hundred scientific and professional books for which he has received numerous awards.

Ana Srića Parun

Ana Srića Parun mag. spec. oec. is the executive director and partner in the company Delfin - management development, which she founded with Velimir in 1998. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb and the Experta Business School for Public Relations Manager.

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New season-Afterwork with Srića


In cooperation with Swiss School of Business and Management, we start a new season of motivational lectures AFTERWORK WITH SRIĆA! 


The lectures are intended for everyone who wants to be better and more successful in what they do, from managers in the highest executive positions to employees or young entrepreneurs. Some of the topics of this season are business and social trends, leadership, motivation, personal efficiency, teamwork, creativity...


Afterwork takes place once a month from 18:00 to 20:00, live and via live streaming. If you don't have time for long-term business education, motivational lectures are the ideal solution for you!

Mini MBA6
Afterwork inhouse


Leadership & Skills


Leadership & Skills Academy creates leaders starting from the most modern achievements of management science and is based on research, case analysis and consulting experience of prof. Dr. Velimira Srića in the region and the world.

The Leadership & Skill Academy is realized as an INHOUSE PROGRAM, according to the wishes and needs of the company.

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Mini MBA 

The most important resource of any leader is time! So appreciating your time, from now on you can watch Afterwork lectures online  Mini MBA program - 9 two-hour lectures,  when and where suits you.

After listening to the lectures, you get a Mini MBA DIPLOMA .


Neat Computer Desk

Thank you!

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