online programi Velimir Srića

A crisis is always an opportunity. The pandemic encouraged us to  implement all programs ONLINE. Communication channels and platforms, such as ZOOM, have enabled us to extend our reach to participants from all over Croatia, and also from the wider region and Europe. Online mode gives us the opportunity to include in the program our global team of experts living and working outside the region, even on other continents.


You can attend online motivational lectures from the comfort of your home, without wasting time on travel and parking. You can keep in touch with the lecturer and other participants, or you can turn off the camera and listen while your pet is in your lap!

Relaxing on a Hammock


The most important resource of any leader is time! That is why, appreciating your time,  we also offer Leadership & Skills Academy online .

Typing on a Computer
Business Meeting


Because of the complexity and speed of today's modern business, the individual coaching process is currently one of the most sought after forms of business and personal development in the world.

Film Set


A picture speaks like a thousand words. In today’s “virtual” world, you can find a video about almost anything of your interest. Here, you will find educational videos, consulting messages and recordings of current events…